yuyu Hot spring

Yuyu no Onsen is a hot spring that springs from 2,000m underground, and sodium chloride spring (alkaline hypotonic hot spring) that is difficult to cool is a spocious bath where there are two types of Japanese and Western, there is also a family baths. As men's and women's baths are replaced every week,
I think you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery such as Kiritappu Marshland Azechi cape and Kiritappu cape.

Main tub




Wash room

Dressing room

Dry sauna

Mist sauna

Private bath(reservation system)

Private bath dressing room

About Hot spring

Bathing facilities
Bash room 248.9㎡(2places)
・ Whole body bath ・ Bubble bath ・shampoo bath ・cold bath ・Hot water ・Mist ・Dry sauna
・Open-air bath ・Private bath 13.1㎡ reservation recipiented(care recpient・for child group)
Hot spring name
Kiritappu Onsen
Spring quality
Sodium-chloride cold spring (neutral hypotonic cold spring)
Light yellow clear,Weak metal taste
Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Fifty shoulders, Motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, uchimi, Lottery, etc.
Adult(Age13 and Over) Child(Age6 to 13)
(※It is \3000 for 7 coupons.)
(※It is \5000 for 12 coupons.)
(※It is \2500 for 11 coupons.)

※Infants are free.
※Private bath is reservation system.